This is a story about how our taste buds came to learn what it means to be lucky lucky.

Like any good food story, it all starts with grandparents. Or in this case with Oma and Opa. You might be thinking ‘wait isn’t “Oma and Opa” Dutch?’ and you’d be right! But these two Dutchies made some seriously tasty Asian food. Jesse’s Opa was born in Indonesia and spent his childhood there – eating all the good things. He met Oma on his return to Holland. She was an avid attendee of a local Asian cooking school and woo’d him with those seductive Asian flavours. Before long they were on a boat to NZ with their kitset house bound for Titirangi. From then on their kitchen filled with many fragrant and spicy dishes.

This is where Jesse (the lucky lucky dude) comes in. Whenever he visited the OGs he got to taste a bit of Indonesia for himself - both at Oma’s kitchen table and at the Thai restaurant next door to her dressmaking shop in Parnell where he would hang out eating tom yum while she worked. As anyone who’s tried them knows, the flavours of Asia are the kind you can’t forget easily. Or ever. Once you’ve had the right combo of spicy, sour, sweet you’ve screwed yourself over for food choices for the rest of your life. You can’t go back to boring. This left Jesse with only two options. Move in with Oma and Opa forever. Or learn to recreate these dishes for himself.

20 years (and the addition of the lucky lucky dudette, Sarah) later and this obsession with authentic, life altering flavours continues. United by a love for a spicier life, the pair’s taste-buds led them across Asia, sampling and learning. Much like Oma and Opa had discovered decades before, the return home found their cravings for real flavour unsatisfied. There was no other choice - the only way to save their taste-buds from boring was by recreating their own Asian dishes.

And so began the Lucky Lucky Noodle cart, followed by Lucky Lucky Sauces - creating flavours so fresh and tasty Oma would be proud, and changing lives one lucky lucky taste-bud at a time.